All design resources study collectively to create modern, economic, stable and easily constructive projects.


- Determining Expectations of the Investor.
- Evaluation of Official Documents.
- Presentation of Design Alternatives.
- Preparation of Preliminary Budget.
- Preparation of the Project Program.
- Preparation of Master Construction Work Schedule.


- To have the Soil Survey, Geotechnical Report And Dimensional Drawings    Prepared.
- Determination of Structural, Electrical And Mechanical Project Groups.
- Drawing of the Preliminary Projects.
- Presentation of the System Reports.
- Drawing of Municipal Permission Projects.
- Drawing of Application Projects.
- Preparation of Final Budget.
- Preparation of Rooms List By Making the Material Choices.

The project is designed and carried out according to the client’s requirements and in compliance with local governmental and other applicable regulations.

All design resources in PMI aim to design modern, economics, high quality projects which are supplying clients demands and providing the maximum returns to the clients.

All designs teams use CAD and REVIT programs and follows international technique specifications during their design and project drawing period.



PMI Project Management International

For each specified case, PMI may provide a complete service of architectural feasibility studies, concept determination, project drawings, project management and investment consultancy.